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Liferay Portal Developer Singapore

Hi there, my name is Christianto Sahat, I’m your host on this blog. Feel free to add any comment.
About me, I’m a Liferay portal developer currently working in Singapore. You can contact me at csahat_NO_SPAM at gmail dot com. ( please remove _NO_SPAM from my email address ) .

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  1. Pratyush on

    i am working on IBM websphere portal .i want to make a scheduler for WCM expired content to migrate content from one library to another library .how can procced my devlopment can any one give suggestion for it. i know there is a scheduler.properties file which will schedule the portal sever at agiven time. but any thing esle…

    thanks for any fruithful help..


  2. geraldvoss on

    This is a great blog!!!

  3. Oğuz ÇELİKDEMİR on

    Great articles, thank you so much.
    I would like to see more informations about liferay with other system integrations such as alfresco, pentaho, intalio etc..

    Also, there isn’t any good liferay theme development article on the web, if you have any idea, please share with us.

  4. Neeraj on

    Dear Christianto Sahat,

    I have developed Chemsity Portal that brings together, all the chemistry related content from different websites at one one place as a unique resource for chemistry community. In this portals, all the important core journals, reference works, e-bo textbooks, online databases, patents and selected websites are included which are freely available on the web.

    Based on this poject I have recieved a grant for the development of Science subjects portal. Now I have to submit a proposal for this, So I request you to help me in this regard. As beeing a sbject portal expert what are the hardware/ software and other requirements for this poroject.
    I Shall be highly obliged if you kindly send me the basic requirments needed to complete this poroject.

  5. Kevykev on

    Hi there… I’ve created a basic portlet in plugins sdk. and I added a flash file that reads in an xml file and other flash files… The main movie loads but an error is thrown when it tries to access the xml files that are in the same portlet.

    16:45:05,774 WARN [PortalImpl:3051] Current URL /web/guest/xml/hudpositions.xml generates exception: null
    16:45:06,274 WARN [PortalImpl:3051] Current URL /web/guest/xml/buildingposition.xml generates exception: null
    16:45:06,384 WARN [PortalImpl:3051] Current URL /web/guest/xml/cityMediaSRC.xml generates exception: null
    16:45:06,489 WARN [PortalImpl:3051] Current URL /web/guest/media/optimized/hud_map.swf generates exception: null

    I know that I can load the swf and xml files into the document library, and use the url/webdav urls.. but there are a bunch of files… I dont want to upload each one…
    is there a way to create the portlet with all the files in the portlet itself? I hope this makes sense…

    i load the flash file using..
    /3dtest.swf”> and this works for the main flash file..

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