Liferay Integration with OpenSSO

Liferay integration with OpenSSO has many challenges if you never do it before. This challenges come from OpenSSO package itself, from application server (Tomcat), and from Liferay itself.

Things you have to take attention when doing integration :

From OpenSSO itself :

  1. Make sure you download the latest version ( I used opensso 8.0 enterprise)
  2. Make sure you use FQDN ( Fully Qualified Domain Name ) for your machine, and when configuring your OpenSSO. For example, don’t use ‘localhost’ or ‘’, instead edit your host file on your operating system, and give it FQDN name, for example, Small tutorial on how to install and configure OpenSSO available here.
  3. After I finished configuration, there’s always “redirect loop” error after I do authentication in OpenSSO. This problem can be solved by changing a property value in OpenSSO as described here.

From application server itself, you can’t use Tomcat 5.5 for Liferay-OpenSSO integration because there’s a bug in Tomcat 5.5. This is described in this thread.

From Liferay itself, I saw that there’s a bug in Liferay 5.1.2 for OpenSSO integration. This bug can be fixed by patching a Java sourcecode from Liferay’s SVN as described here. For me, I simply use Liferay 5.2.0 so I didn’t encounter this issue.

References :

  1. OpenSSO Integration from Liferay’s Wiki
  2. OpenSSO-Liferay integration experience in Liferay’s forum.

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